UNOMedia 5S



A New Era for Guestroom Nightstand Devices

High Quality Stereo Speakers

High performance sound system brings improved audio experience to guests.
Can also be used as high quality conference station.

High Powered Rapid Charger made specifically for hospitality environment
Patented Multi Function Cable provides multiple charging ports allowing guests to charge even if they left their charger at home.
Four additional powerful USB charging ports
Extensive support for all variety of mobile devices, Apple, Android

Touchless Bluetooth pairing, enjoying music has never been easier.

NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled touchless pairing.
Bluetooth connection is initiated automatically by placing 
mobile devices near the UNOMedia 5. 
Specially designed Bluetooth features for Hotels address both the ease of use and security concerns for hotels.

Alarm Clock & Audio Features
Clock, Alarm, Radio Features
Clock designed accurately Summer Time and Standard Time switching automatically
Time corrected wirelessly Battery back-up for Clock and Alarm
Visual alarm FM radio standard

Phone Function Features

Handset with full phone function